About Mentone Childcare & Kindergarten

“The setting is bright, cheerful, interactive and a delight for the children. You could not ask for better staff. I am amazed that the director takes the time to meet, know and build a relationship with each family whose children attend the centre. “

-Petra K

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Our Centre

Mentone Childcare & Kindergarten was born as the result of a husband and wife wanting the best for their child. We opened our doors with a vision of what childcare and kindergarten should be. Our strong family values combined with the hard work of our marvelous, dedicated team have grown our center into what it is today. Every single member of staff has something unique to offer, and we make sure to cultivate their skills and talents so that they can reach their full potential professionally.

Family First

Our Childcare is family owned and run, which is why we know exactly how important it is to have someone you can trust to care for your child. We ensure that your child experiences the security and fun of being part of a loving community through our range of services.

“It is such a warm and caring environment, most mornings I wish I could stay there rather than going to work! Where to even begin on how amazing each and every one of these carers/friends are? “

-Michael N

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Thor Taylor

Our Founders - Patricia and Jan Taylor

Two first time parents were looking for full time care for their gorgeous baby boy. They worked irregular hours so a nanny wasn’t an option, and they wanted someone with adequate skills and qualifications – someone who understood early childhood and could provide a safe environment for their baby boy. They knew a child care center was what they needed, however, they weren’t too impressed with the currently available services, so they decided to create their own.

They believed that children deserved fun-loving, mind and soul-nurturing care. With their own center, they could bring this kind of care to many children, not just their own. We have extensively studied philosophies on childhood development, and we try to include what we like best about them in our own philosophy.

We would like to personally thank our many hardworking, fabulous staff members for helping us bring this dream to a reality over these many years!

Our 3 Pillars


We ensure our children feel safe, happy, secure and confident.


Our children live in the present moment as they explore, learn, play and foster relationships.


Our children are here to develop, grow, gain confidence and learn new skills.

‘’It’s hard to put into words how much Mentone Childcare and Kindergarten means to me. It really is a home away from home. I look forward to coming into work every day and being greeted by all of the sweet children and their families.  We are like one big family and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. Every staff member, parent, and child has made me feel welcome right from the start. In my 10 years of teaching from America to Australia, I can truly say, being the kindergarten teacher here for the last 3 and a half years has been the most rewarding and the most fun’’

-Ms. Jamie (Pre-school Teacher) 

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Reviews From Our Wonderful Parents